Friday, 29 July 2011

A bit of summer in France for winter in Cape Town...

I've recently discovered the wonderful American online interior store, One Kings Lane and so far have fallen in love with what I've been seeing! The store basically features regular sales on normally pretty expensive items from upcoming designers, decorators and retailers. It's also loaded with gorgeous pictures and it's full of inspiration!

I particularly liked the feature on Kathryn Ireland's new book, Summers in France. This sort of home just makes me melt... I would give anything for an old villa in the South of France, to fix it up, to decorate it, to cultivate the vineyard and maybe even grow some olives. Anyone seen A Good Year? Without a doubt, 1 of my favourite movies - just for the cinematography and the location!

Age-old stone walls and blue shutters, wrought iron furniture plush with soft cushions, big oak trees and afternoon naps...
And don't even get me started on the markets... The French actually have 365 nationally recognised cheeses - 1 for every day of the year, not to mention the countless others that are locally produced and not formally recognised. It's a cheese-lovers paradise! Scrap that - it's a culinary dream in every regard!
Pity my birthday isn't in the summer (it's actually next week people!)... Would love to hold a luncheon like this. With all the goods I'd have bought from the market in the nearest village:)

Yes, I know, I'm a total Francophone... But there's something about French architecture, design, food, wine and yes - even the people that I just adore.

Je l'adore! Mais bien sur:)

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