Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Kitchen Tea - Alice-Style!

I suppose I'm officially at that age: people all around me seem to be getting married, having kids, etc etc etc. *yawn* (not really, I'm secretly very envious!)

A friend of mine is planning a bridal shower/kitchen tea for one of her school friends and I thought it might be a fun little project to help her with, given the amount of free time I currently have (and also fuelled by some bitchiness from a fellow bridesmaid towards her - I'm rather protective of my friends!) 

So I drew up some mood boards with images I found on Pinterest and thought these slides were just too cute not to share on my blog... Who knows, maybe one day I might become an event planner! Or better yet, find an excuse to throw elaborate, OTT parties at least once a month;) 

I just hope my friends will be putting this much effort in for my kitchen tea when the time rolls around... *hint hint M & J* :D


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