Monday, 11 November 2013

Designing My Own Engagement Ring...

Firstly, I'm hoping no one notices the gap of just over a year between this post and the last one... 

Secondly, I must divulge the fact that I am currently involved in one of the most exciting and inspiring experiences of my life so far - designing my own engagement ring! 

Yup, after four years, looks like the boyf and I will be making it official... ;) And I must say that - despite the romance and element of surprise that so many girls dream of - I couldn't be happier putting the proverbial cart before the horse and having been given the opportunity to design my ring.

And so, with no further ado, herewith a sneak preview of The Ring...

The Inspiration:

I wanted to stay away from the traditional white diamond and nothing could be more 'me' than a soft-pink stone set in a halo of smaller white diamonds. Initially I thought that Pink Sapphire would be the perfect stone, but upon research I found that very pale pink sapphires are very rare... So in stepped Morganite! My jewellery designed happened to have the perfect pink piece of Morganite in their showroom, and as my eyes clapped onto it, I knew that this stone was THE ONE!

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How appropriate!


Belongs to the Beryl family of stones (the little sister to her big brothers, Emerald and Aquamarine).

Morganite (Pink Beryl) gemstone meaning

Morganite is the stone of Divine Love. This delicate yet powerful stone opens one to the frequency of the universal heart.

Morganite attracts love and maintains it.

Morganite promotes abundance of the heart and prosperity of love.
It assists in connecting with Divine Love and angelic energies:
  • Helps to release unhealthy emotional patterns
  • Aids in developing trust
  • Brings a sense of joy and inner strength

Healing properties of Morganite

Morganite is used by healers to counter stress and stress-related illness. Asthma, heart problems, impotence, lung difficulties.

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My little piece of Morganite Heaven ;)

The Instructions...

Here are some pages from the presentation I made for the jeweller....

The Final Sketch:

Just received these on Friday from the jeweller... Have approved them, now we wait for the 3D CAD drawing and from there it goes to the workshop for the goldsmith to handcraft...

So exciting! I cannot wait... Shall post any new developments :)


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