Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Beyond the Bookshelf...

As an avid reader with a fast-growing collection of books (and a serious shortage of bookshelves, but we'll get to that in due course...), I've started getting creative with my book collections. 

Recently having discovered an absolute gem of a store in Cape Town for antique books (at R10 each, I'm afraid to divulge the name just yet...) I've been looking beyond the bookshelf for decorating ideas involving books.

My initial inspiration came from some very random presents I found for The Man, this very creative supplier on Etsy - Posh House Interiors (see below pic) - and our very empty mantelpiece in our very large lounge...

I've ended up propping the 6 vintage books next to my daffodils on the mantelpiece. I'm still looking for a perfect ornament / book-end to round the look off, but so far so good...

Another look that's caught my eye for a more bohemian look, I encountered at the lovely Simone's place:

A collection of cutely mismatched design books perched on the end of a dresser in her lounge, stacked in place beneath an old porcelain visage.

From This is Glamorous - love the warmth of the fire, the heavy wood, the wing-back and the archetypal coffee-table books on display.

Books on display and accented by accessories bring colour and vibrance to this beautifully carved table.
The lovely Nadia's bookshelf. Eccentric, fun, eye-catching.

Close-up of books & beads in Nadia's apartment - so much more about this beautiful living space to follow...
Next I'm thinking I might like to explore using books as door stops, books on kitchen counters (yes, pics below)... I'm currently waiting for an antique bookshelf in a serious state of disrepair to arrive so that I can fix him up and stop looking for unusual places for my books ;)
Fantastic addition to a kitchen counter.

Lastly, I couldn't resist adding this picture that I found on Apartment Therapy!

This elongated stack of books makes a huge statement in this small studio space.

Any unusually creative ideas for decorating with books that you may have come across?

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