Sunday, 17 April 2011

Blog Guidebook's Blog Club

I woke up this morning to the confirmation email from Blog Guidebook confirming my membership to their new Blog Club. Exciting times - and a massive motivation to push myself to blog daily.

So, to my Blog Club Teammates - welcome! I look forward to much interaction and good advice!! My blog is not yet a month old, but I'm working on it fast and furiously!

My fellow teammates are:

1. Sharon Sews
2. Kninerts
3. Storybook Cottage

Now... Back to my absence this past week... My dad arrives in 3 days time, with his girlfriend and they will be our very first houseguests! So I've been working 'round the clock to get the guestroom (previously known as the laundry-drying / storage / cupboard-overflow room) into working order. I've decided on a oceanic theme for the room, mainly inspired by the white-washed wooden floors and my surplus of white bedding! On Thursday I bought beautiful fabric for cushions - white with bold turquoise and blue stripes, and a white / turquoise check for the lampshades that I will endeavour to make later today.

I also invested in some turquoise towelling fabric and think I'll be experimenting with making a rug for both the room and the bathroom, and maybe some matching hand towels and a cushion for good measure!

On top of that, I've been refurbishing my first piece of furniture - an old bookshelf. I'll post some pics later today, as well as a before pic of the room and some photo's of the fabric.

In the meantime, a big welcome and happy reading...


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