Monday, 11 April 2011

An Inspired Monday

What an inspiring day I've had! I've basically spent the entire day on exploring this blogging world - seeing what else is out there, getting ideas, being inspired, laughing, hatching plans... It's been quite an adventure! I literally feel like I could work through the night - making furniture, painting walls, re-organising displays, etc etc etc... If only!

Here's a quick look at some of the more inspiring blogs and sites that I've stumbled upon today...

The incredibly pretty world of Eat Drink Chic - Amy Moss offers some beautiful ideas and free templates for gift tags, thank-you's, novelties, styling and decor... this is definitely going to be an indispensable resource for every birthday, holiday and special occasion.

Fantastic online inspiration directory, although for the UK market, House to Home is a must as a look-book, for creative ideas and a great place to get bitten by the decorating bug... The names says it all!

For some unusual and extraordinary ideas for events and weddings, The Sweetest Occasion offers a myriad of novel, fun and unusual material to inspire even the most left-of-centre events - from birthday brunches to kids' parties to weddings with a difference.

One of the most comprehensive and more established sites is Decor8, a wealth of inspiration and an absolutely gorgeous site to trawl through. In the process of launching her new book, Decorate, Ann Kelle is without a doubt someone to keep an eye on in this world of interiors, design and decor.

So yes, I have been quite lazy today - what with spending the day surfing and looking and exploring my new world from the couch. But all in good time... Besides, I'm more inspired now than I've been in a long time!


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