Friday, 8 April 2011

Today's unexpected surprise...

Haas [Part 1]
Rose Street, Bo Kaap. 

As a devoted fan of the Vida Empire, I can’t tell you what a pleasant surprise it was to make the little discovery that I made today…
Now don’t get me wrong, these coffee shops are in 2 completely different leagues – Vida is more for the quick cuppa on the run, and Haas is somewhere you would want to sit. And stay. For a long, long time. Preferably in the antique wingbacks on the pavement...
The barristers and waiting staff were friendly, dapper and charming – I love the Top Hats! Quite funny guys too. I really enjoy establishments where the staff seem to have a sense of pride and where they’re shown enough respect to allow them to just be themselves. It shows.
The coffee is roasted on-site – from the raw, green beans to the final ground product. All done through this gorgeous old-world roasting machine in the front shop.

What I love most about Haas the Coffee Shop - its fresh, original decor and styling. Something different for Cape Town, full of Old World Charm but still making a cheeky nod towards its South African heritage. I simply love the putty-grey, silver and gold colour-scheme.

And, although I'm not normally a fan of this sort of thing, the metallic skull & horns on the wall next to the vintage mirrors just work so well.

And I was immensely impressed to see Lady Bonin's tea for sale behind the counter! Lady Bonin has even made a special blend of tea just for Haas.

Most important to note: Haas consists of both a coffee shop as well as a shop selling home collectibles, art and jewelry (See Haas [Part 2]). Fantastic gifts for the self and others, this shop is definitely going to be one of my first stops.

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