Sunday, 28 August 2011

Packing Pains...

I've discovered a really good way to start an argument with one's partner. I've also discovered a way to create instant dislike between each other, to really get under each other's skin and an excellent way to throw any preconceived ideas you may have of a future together out the window:

Pack up a house together.

Aaaaaargh!!!!! Love him as I do, I had no idea that the differences in our packing styles could irritate and frustrate me so drastically! They say that you only get to know a person when you move in to a home together. No way, it's only when you move out of that home together that you are able to really see who you've been living with! :)

Anyhow, I shouldn't moan - I'm very lucky and he is a wonderful man whom I adore. And perhaps I am a bit grumpy today, ok...

So on a lighter, prettier, pleasanter note, here's a sneak preview of the upcoming decor project that I'll be starting when we move into The Cute Apartment...

I had a moment of inspiration the other evening - we have such beautiful African collectibles and the new place just lends itself to having a bright, British Colonial style. And it's something we can really achieve without having to start from scratch - we've got the colour scheme already - cream couches, lots of dark wood. We'll just need a few more accents to move it in that direction and we're in business:) Anyhow, I did an image search for 'colonial chic' and this is just some of what came up that I liked...

A few shots from the beautiful Londolozi, as seen here.

The way I see the decor unfolding in the new place can only be described as "Colonial Chic" - very Old-World British meets Plantation meets Safari meets Ralph Lauren with a few collected treasures thrown in for good measure. A great-grandfather's pith helmet, an african mask or 2, a traditional wooden kist from Zanzibar...
from the Decor to Adore Blog

The above and below pics from BellyButton's Jet Set. I do just adore the yacht in the background and the lampshades on old-fashioned tripods.

What I'm really going to need to get my hands on is an antique globe...

 No idea where to start looking, but think I might be spending the next few months trawling antique antique and thrift store for the perfect one.

 Found this pic on - source is listed as unknown. Love the feel of the room, but the dead animals are just a bit too much for my liking.

Also from the Decor to Adore Blog, just love the excessive use of candles on this plantation-style verandah.  Just sprinkle a few drops of citronella oil on the candles and you can dine without any disturbance from mosquitoes! Nasty little buggers! :)

And how can we forget the new wardrobe that will need to accompany the decor? ;) Found this beautiful selection of Safari-inspired wear on the Italian Style Notes site.

I love how colour has been used in the above palette instead of the usual neutrals and khakis, yet the safari element is pulled through quite effectively in the leopard-print cushion.

I have decided my primary palette will be Light Sandy Brown for the soft furnishings, Mahogony for the wooden furniture, a variety of browns & khakhis peppered through and accents of blue to enhance the whole look.

I've decided that I'm going to sand and stain my beautiful white-washed coffee table a deep mahogony; I'll be making all the cushions for our existing cream couches myself - I'm currently debating leather and faux-fur pillows, but I might tone this down considerably (it might be my excitement talking), I'm going to need to get my hands on some vintage leather cases to properly accent the look and finally, I think that our new bed will either need to be a four-poster or a mosquito net will definitely be in order!

I'll keep you posted:)


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