Thursday, 25 August 2011

Terrarium Affairium

I'm having a love affair with plants grown in water in glass containers - from terrariums to a simple fern floating lose in a vase of water, as I came across yesterday. There's something so pure and pretty about it, isn't there?

Love the idea of using moss in a small glass container and then adding a tiny, adorable element to bring it to life: like these:

Too cute for words!!!

So terrariums are apparently pretty easy to make and manage? I think I might just try out my own... I have a number of empty glass containers that would be ideal just for this.

Below is a list of good plants to use in a terrariums:

African Violets
Creeping Fig
Maidenhair Spleenwort
Needlepoint Ivy
Prayer Plant
Peacock Moss (Selaginella uncinata)
Reindeer Moss
New Zealand brass buttons
Sphagnum or Spanish moss

Time to get those green fingers creating!

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