Saturday, 18 February 2012

I heart Love

Ok so I haven't posted in absolute ages and I'm a few days late for Valentine's Day, but I'm hoping this post will make it up to you...

Marc Jacobs Bag

In keeping with this week's theme of all things Love, lovely and loveable, here's my collection of heart-shaped and love-inspired goodies...

D&G Heart Cut-Out Heels
Moschino Heart Wedges
Louis Vuitton Coin Purse

It's not often that I've blogged about fashion but I recently changed career paths and now find myself working for an international online fashion retailer that's recently launched in South Africa. Suddenly I've discovered this whole side of myself that just wants to drown in shoes, bags, clothing, jewellery, scarves... It's fabulous! Am loving!

Burberry Black Patent Leather Heart Cuff

Kate Spade Pink Heart Shoes

Enough to make any girl's heart pump custard! If only everyday were Valentine's Day...
Chanel Pink Heart Embellished Bag

Alexander McQueen Grey Satin Stud Heel (See heart-shaped peep-toe)

And what romantic occasion would be complete without a little, shiny something from Tiffany & Co?
So I hope that this profusion of love-related lovelies will win back the hearts of my readers, despite my long absence. You do know that my heart always yearned to be here with you? I've never stopped loving my blog;)

Until the next time - which will be soon, I promise...

The Girl Belle

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