Saturday, 26 November 2011

Elegantly Aged

I've always had this picture of how I am going to be one day when I am an old woman. I've always pictured myself with long, grey hair wearing an artist's smock and walking barefoot through the garden around my adorable little cottage with a kitten chasing behind me.

I think long, grey hair is so beautiful on older women. There's something so wise and almost mystical about it.

Of course, at that age, my artist's smock will have a bit more length to it, but love these pics below.

So beautiful - can see this with wellies

I wonder how much my taste will change between now and then... I hope not by much because it's a lovely image that I have in my head of a happy, loving woman with a beautiful life behind her and around her.

One thing that I do know for certain though is that my love of cats and all things feline won't wane with age! :)

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