Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sour, with a hint of sweet...

That describes my day today. Well, so far it's only been sour but it can hopefully only get better. Mainly because I am finishing work early, going for an Yves Rocher facial and then for a home workout (using my kittens as weights. Just kidding, they're too heavy.) before settling in for the evening.

Am really keen to get to know the Yves Rocher range better - I love the eye cream so far, but I have been very concerned that the Cure Solution Anti-Fatigue cream is just far too rich for my skin. I think turning 30 made me panic and run for the richest, creamiest anti-aging formula I could lay my hands on! So this facial, by a trained Yves Rocher specialist, should help me get a better idea as to whether the range is even suited to my skin type. Looking very forward to trying the below serum... I'll keep you posted on the feedback.

Am on Day 2 of my new Super-Healthy Living Plan, custom-designed for me, by me. A few things I need to shed before summer arrives. A couple of kilograms, a bad habit or two, you know the drill. It's the practice round for our New Year's resolutions. More on this to follow.

A little side-note: this is the view from my boyfriend's balcony - he's staying at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. Am more than just a little bit jealous... Look at the beautiful building in the far right of the horizon!

King David Hotel, Jerusalem

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