Monday, 17 September 2012

Yves Rocher & Beautiful 30's

Wow - quite the hiatus I've taken! In the past few months I've re-thought the direction that this blog should be going in... Having just turned 30 and having a not-quite-minor obsession with all-things-beauty-and-cosmetics, I've decided that a bit of branching out is in order. A small divergence from home decor, a little deviation from the norm... And a whole new look to go with it!

As I mentioned, I have just turned 30 and I have been on Regim-A products for 2 years now - which I have loved and have absolutely sworn by, along with regular Regim-A skin peels. However, a change is as good as a holiday and I found myself needing something a bit more geared towards the early signs of ageing that inevitably accompany your 30th birthday... Cue the Yves Rocher range of cosmetics from Woolworths. A very inexpensive range of premium cosmetics. I won't lie, with prices this low I am slightly skeptical of their performance but I will keep you posted because my skin will tell me all about it if they are even vaguely sub-par.

To kick-off my collection (and to test out the wares) my first purchase was the incredibly well-priced Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal Dazzling Eye Cream (R180), along with the Yves Rocher Cure Solutions (Day & Night cream in one - R215), which promises to revitalise one's skin by 30-odd percent in the first month. The consultant said that this moisturiser 'prepped' the skin for the next phase of products from the Yves Rocher line. So we shall wait and see. I started with them last night. Fingers crossed that the results from this particularly wallet-friendly product range are great...

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