Monday, 9 May 2011

Happy Monday to all & sundry:)

Hi guys,

New Monday and the mission continues...

I'm on the prowl for some amazing suppliers and manufacturers. I've managed to source a few great guys last week, but when it comes to thrift, value and old-fashioned good deals, I have a way to go. Anyone you've come across in your travels? Upholsterers, furniture refurbishers or vendors, artisans, the like? The plan is to build up a pretty extensive database here of non-commercial, not-ridiculously-priced and truly talented crafters.

As always, I'm always looking for beautiful homes or apartments to showcase on The Girl Belle - and I don’t mean professionally decorated, palatial properties. What I’m looking to feature on this blog are homes, apartments and studios that have been put together with love, an innate sense of style and an understanding of what looks good – from Bohemian to Old-World Glamour to ‘Shabby Chic’ to Minimal & Modern. 

I’m not necessarily looking for a complete design masterpiece – I’d like to focus on a single room or design element of a property (eg: an extraordinary piece of furniture, a unique entrance hall, a cute kitchen, a boudoir-style bedroom, a really pretty living room you’ve come across in your travels, or even just successful home DIY projects that are worth a mention. And please remember that good style does not necessarily need to come with a big price tag! This blog is about how to create a beautiful home, without a big budget. I’ve attached a mood board to give you a basic idea of the sort of things I’d be interested in viewing. Even if it’s a small but beautiful corner of your home or garden, please indulge me.
 I'll be adding a Contact Page shortly, so please comment or email me if you have any suggestions...
From simple & pretty... bold and unique.
Looking forward to hearing from you...

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