Sunday, 8 May 2011

Pre-Mothers' Day Rush....

Self-inflicted, yes - I am aware.
I don’t know how this week passed me by with my head in the sand… I simply didn’t click that Mothers' Day was THIS Sunday (ie: today) and I was gift-less until about 1pm yesterday afternoon when the realisation struck me.
And to be honest, I particularly liked the idea as I’m operating on a slightly tight budget right now and, on an occasion like Mothers’ Day, it truly is the thought and effort that counts – mainly because our mommies just adore us regardless! Plus - I really am feeling the need to be more crafty, homely, to use my time more productively (and stay out of shopping centres of all shapes, forms and sizes). But I digress...
After scouring the internet for something slightly more inspiring than ‘basic butter biscuits’ or shortbread, I ended up settling on Red Velvet Cupcakes with Buttery Cream Cheese Icing. Yummmmmmmmmm…..
You can find the surprisingly easy recipe here: They turned out perfectly moist, not-too-sweet, creamy, just lovely! And the icing... Oh, the icing....
I made a different mixture for the buttery cream cheese – basically I mixed up ±280ml cream cheese, 2/3 of a 500gram block of unsalted butter (chopped up), vanilla essence and 3 cups of sifted icing sugar add slowly while whizzing the mixture with a handheld mixer. Once mixed, turn the speed up and whizz some more for extra-fluffiness.
Ok, so with the cakes made, cooled, smeared with the icing and then some good quality chocolate grated on top.
Ok, then came the box-making. I don’t even think I should get into this. If you really feel inspired – get some pretty cardboard, cut out a template and make ‘em yourself. But only if you have some serious time on your hands! :) Otherwise, I’d suggest picking some up (preferably not late on the Saturday afternoon before Mothers’ Day) at a place like the wonderful Merripak.
Now would be a good time to mention that the Boyfriend’s brother has recently had a son, Ben – he’s almost 2 now, incredibly cute and quite a handful – but in an adorable, toddler-ish kinda way. I couldn't resist making him some mini, Ben-sized cupcakes just for cuteness sake. Now, because Ben obviously can’t read but he is obsessed with the animated movie “Cars” and although it may not have been Ben-Day we came up with a card for his mini-box of mini-cupcakes (bite-sized, so cute!) that looked a little like this….
I then lined each box with some pink tissue paper, popped 4 of each cupcake into the box and sealed them up all nice and pretty-like – let’s not forget the pink raffia… Yes, OK OK, some days I just feel very, um, ‘Pink”. You'll undoubtedly this notice from time-to-time. Just the fact that my entire blog isn’t completely pink from head to toe is a miracle in itself (one of these days I’ll introduce you to my dressing room – it’s Barbie-meets-Priscilla-meets-6-year-old-Ballerina-wannabee… But it’s my girlie outlet and I need it!).
I then quickly printed some tags / notes for each person onto some …. um… pink(-ish?) cardboard which I attached to the raffia / ribbon to finish it off.
So there you have it…. And yes, it may have taken a while longer than I thought it would, but let me tell you – when I saw the expressions on the faces of those beautiful women - especially something like this from me (of all people!), it’s all been completely worth it!
Now good night! I’m exhausted! ;)

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