Thursday, 5 May 2011

Something Small for a Lazy Thursday Evening...

It's been one of those days... Raining in Cape Town, shopping with mom, brainstorming in coffee shops, fireplace going, early dinner take-aways from Sawadee... You know those days that seem to scream that winter is well and truly upon us.... Yay! I love winter! Boots, coats, scarves, fires, V-Neck jerseys.... Mmmm. My favourite season. Well, for the first 2 months of it at least.

So, due to my unabashed laziness this evening, I'm popping up a moodboard I've done featuring pics from some of my favourite blogs. I'll add my reading list to my sidebar in the morning so you can get an idea as to where I've sourced these pics - since I've been collecting them from long before I even imagined starting a blog so, I actually don't remember where half of them are coome! But they're pretty none-the-less!

Apologies to any bloggers I haven't credited - let me know if any of these pics are your and I'll set this right immediately.
On another note... I've noticed that my viewer stats are climbing quite rapidly (84, and it's only 1 month today!) but I still only have 4 official followers... So please, ladies and gents, click on the "follow this blog" icon in the side panel and give me the much-needed ego boost I so crave right now;)

I've spent the past week doing some hunting, viewing and exploring around town and have come up with some fantastic suppliers - I'm hoping to add a section to The Girl Belle in the next few days where I can showcase these discoveries. Do keep an eye out! Hopefully with time, relationships will be built with these suppliers / clients, discounts and specials will develop and, and, and... well, who knows! Fingers crossed though! The Girl Belle has officially survived her first month - onward and upward!

The Girl Belle


  1. I am so jealous that you can still run a fireplace. We've had to turn the air conditioning on this week because it's gotten so warm!
    Congrats on your first month!

  2. Thanks Kristel - I'm looking so forward to winter! It's been a long, hot summer here in Cape Town! Summer is fun though... I'm sure you'll find plenty to make up for not using your fireplace;)


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