Saturday, 14 May 2011

Recipe Scrapbook

Something that I have on my list of things to do (yes, that particularly long list) is to create a scrapbook of all the recipes that I've collected over the years. Recipes from my mom, gran, from my time in London, my time in France and even from my old school days when I couldn't imagine food much beyond delicious pastas and 'meat and 2 veg' -type dishes (long-before Top Chef was regular viewing!).

I've had all of these recipes tucked (unpasted, unsorted) into the pages of a very old, unused scrapbook which has been lying in the bottom of a trunk in storage for years, however that trunk has now found its way into my home, beckoning to be dealt with one of these weekends. I do have many recipe books in my house, but it's all of those collected recipes, like your great-aunt's super-easy but yummy cheesecake or your great grandmother's recipe for mielie bread that are so important. Let alone that recipe for duck rillettes that you tore from a French newspaper one day while in drinking coffee on the Cote d'Azur. :)

Can any readers make any suggestions on making the entire process easier? I did particularly like this collection of recipe storage ideas from Design Sponge, but I do kinda have my heart set on sorting through all the recipes one rainy weekend, finding obscure sentimental ticket-stubbs, notes, ec and creating something of value to me. With my own 2 paws and to proudly prop in my bookshelf, only to whip it ut oneday when I sit my daughter up on the kitchen counter one day and have her ask "What's that, mummy?". If I ever have kids, that is. Otherwise I'll just have to fatten up my friends and family - and any potential pets that may find their way into my home in the future :)
From Design Sponge Shop
I googled "recipe scrapbooks" and found the following great pic from Life SA:
Very cute idea... A wonderful heirloom for one's kids oneday. Well, one of 'em at least :)
A great source for tips and tricks on scrapbooking is Scrappy Tips - worth a visit? Of course, lest we not forget the Queen of all-things-crafty, Martha Stewart. I remain a big fan - tax evasion, et al... Check out her exceptionally useful scrapbooking slideshow here: Martha Stewart on Scrapbooking.

I've encountered the term "scrapbooking" loads since I've started blogging and researching blogging, etc and it hasn't yet been a realm that I've explored. Now call me old-fashioned, but I currently have no idea what that would be - I imagine it would involve quite a bit of cut-and-paste, scanning, etc, etc, etc. However, I suspect that I am wrong and promise to do more research into the matter because it seems to be a pretty uselful (and frequently used) tool in the Blogging community.

I'll keep you posted....

The Girl Belle

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  1. Love the idea of a scrapbook recipe catalog! I have yet to venture into the scrapbooking world, though I think it would be worth it for a project like what you have. I can't wait to see how this turns out!


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