Saturday, 11 June 2011

A Perfect Weekend for my Return...

Apologies to all for my extended leave of absence this past month - I have the kind of profession where it's sometimes virtually impossible to do anything else while on a job (Film Industry. Freelance Production Manager. No, not glamorous at all. Trust me.).
Here's a pic of a very windblown me from a shoot earlier this past season...

Well the shoot is wrapped and I'm back! As I'm having a little dinner party this evening for a few of my girl friends, I figure today's post should centre around the food that I plan to make tonight and my dream table-setting:) Have already made the dough and it's currently rising in the kitchen - I'm quite shocked as to how easy it is to make! I suspected that I may be over-committing myself, but so far so good:) And this is a wholewheat pizza recipe - so much better for the ol' figure and digestion! You can find the recipe here.

Of course I haven't made this actual pizza just yet, but I googled a few pics to show you guys what  had in mind as far as the toppings go: Roasted butternut, caramelised onions, pine nuts and shaved pecorino...  With a bit of luck, it will look a little something like this:
Found this pic on this site...

I love the look of this table: long, draping table cloth; elegant chandeliers; wicker chairs & puffy pillows lending a casual air to the feel of the room... I love this table!
I believe I found this picture on {this is glamorous}

Industrial-Chic Dinner Table, seen on CasaSugar - just love the lights running above the table!
Ok, so this has been a short post - just wanted to say that I'm back:) Happy reading!


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