Sunday, 12 June 2011

Walls & Ceilings

While going through some of my picture folders in search of some inspiration this evening, I stumbled across a collection of pics that I've gathered of different and creative wall (and in 1 case, ceiling) decorations.
Pics from via The Lettered Cottage

A gorgeously creative change from the more traditional framed pictures that generally grace the walls of our homes!
The cutest drawings of the shoe, the plant and the fish! Wish I could tackle my walls with a vision like this one!
This seems to work well in children's rooms as well. The natural evolution of the Banksy-style wall art that has become some popular over these past few years.
Banksy Balloon Girl wall Sticker
I love the effect on the ceiling in this nursery - I can just picture the baby lying on its back looking at the swallows...

These cut-out butterflies look too gorgeous stuck on the wall like that! And must be so very easy to do - all one would need is 2 or 3 different size butterfly templates, stiff coloured cardboard, scissors and a wall! Oh, and something to stick it up there too. :)

Reminds me very much of Serena's bedroom wall at Blair's in Gossip Girl actually...

After a bit of googling I've discovered that you can easily pick a selection of different options from a number of places online:
Hip & Clavicle - Etsy
From She's Smart

Love the brown on dusky pink - Also from She's Smart
Definitely giving me some inspiration for the large expanses of empty walls that we still have in this house... Hmmm - food for thought!

Xoxo ;)


  1. Those are some great ideas for taking up wall space! Do you Pinterest?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Just had a look - it looks fantastic! Tell me more...

  4. It's a great place to store all your ideas and get a ton more. It's like having your browser bookmarks in full color and arranged in any filing system you want. I'm sending you an invite and it may take a week or two, but once you get going, let me know!


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