Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Define "work"?

Sometimes I wonder why I do what I do. Towards the end of every season I swear that that season will be my last in the film industry, that I will go off and find a stable job from 9 to 5, or that I will start my own decor business from scratch - with just a dream to fuel the balance of my savings account...

However, no such luck just yet! Luckily, apart from when I'm in the middle of that inevitable occasional bad job, I do actually love my work most of the time;)

And on the bright side, right now it's affording me LOADS of time to blog, as I have been rather amiss lately, haven't I?

So in the spirit of deep, wintery July, sitting in the cold office while the sun starts to set so early outside, herewith my little homage to the warm and cosy home (where I want to be right now...)

from The Lettered Cottage

 There's something about the way this room makes me feel: The gold frame, the sculpted tile, the soft drapery... It's so beautiful! Only thing that's wrong with the picture is that we need a cat in place of the dog!

ex {this is glamorous}
And, on that note, I'm off home to my own fireplace (via my ballet class) to warm this frozen girlie up!

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