Wednesday, 6 July 2011


I mentioned last night that I was on my way home via my ballet class. Now, as the 28-year old, almost-6-foot, awkward girl-becoming-woman that I am, my childhood dreams of becoming a ballerina were very short-lived. Within my first year my ballet teacher soon advised my mom that there really wasn't a point in her 5-year old continuing ballet as I was already too tall and awkward! And so ended my dancing career, only to be replaced by the wonderful world of ponies, stables and mess! Much more suitable, but still...

I never quite got over it. So at the beginning of this year when I saw an advert for "adult beginners ballet" I knew that I'd found my new favourite form of exercise. And 6 months later I'm still at it. Once a week, (almost) every week. I just love it - and I feel like a kiddie again in every class!
Pic from National Geographic website
For those of you in Cape Town who would like to look into ballet classes, have a look here.


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