Thursday, 7 July 2011

Rustic Charm

Found some time to float around the blogosphere this afternoon, and feeling so charmed by the whole rustic vibe at the moment. The boyf and I are currently house-hunting and my daydreams this afternoon have been of somewhere full of charm and just a little bit rustic...

Would love a little (wind-free) balcony on which to cultivate a garden... Need to work on being able to keep more plants alive than just succulents! :)

Such cute and rustic tea light holders! I wonder if they're hard to make?

Am absolutely crazy about vintage crates - have been seeing them quite frequently lately, particularly from local wine farms. Perfect for potting plants, displaying odds-and-ends, storage, etc.
A slightly nicer version than this one spotted at Villagio in Pinelands. Do like the metal trim on this crate though. Think I need to start hunting them down for the shop I plan to have one day...

Love the feeling in the above picture... The walls, bed and pearls just reek of old-school glamour, and the Macbook Pro and the aviators just give it such a contemporary edge.

Keep warm and enjoy the evening...

The Girl Belle

PS - saved these pics years ago - I think most of them are from {thisisglamorous} but not entirely sure... If I haven't credited you, please let me know and I will fix it! :)

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