Saturday, 17 September 2011

Great-Shape Saturday

With summer just around the corner here in the Southern Hemisphere, my quest for fitness, weight-loss and a really nice bum continues...

Would KILL for a figure like this Victoria's Secret girl!!

So, yoga first thing this morning, and then the girls and I are heading up Table Mountain for a hike in an hour. Should hopefully burn off all that shortbread I ate last night!
Table Mountain

Heading up from Kirstenbosch Gardens - can't wait to see the spring Fynbos in full bloom! 
It'll actually be the first time I've ever hiked up Table Mountain, despite living in Cape Town for 7 years now. I guess when I was younger weekend days were more about sleeping off Friday and Saturday nights than waking up early and doing something healthy just for me:)

Anyhow, to balance all this talk of health & exercise (and just to reassure you that I haven't completely lost my mind), I feel I must just share this picture that I found on the Betty Crocker website, which I discovered last night in my search for the perfect chicken and broccoli bake recipe...

Yummy! Delicious, delicious, DEEEELICIOUS!! 



  1. Leighlabella!! Nice blog.. LIKE.

    Catch up on your Dutch with the following site:

    See you in CT soon!

  2. I like!!! Thanks Nienke! :)



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