Sunday, 18 September 2011

Flowerful Sunday

After my very inspiring walk through Kirstenbosch gardens and up the mountain yesterday, I thought I'd dedicate today's post to flowers.

Vygies in full-bloom in the gardens
A baby Protea - so cute!
One of the many waterfalls we passed on the way up
The view of False Bay from the top

Loved this girl's outfit - saw her at the entrance and couldn't resist taking a pic.

Some older flower pics from my photo collection

Love the white ceramic with the green herbs

Pity the flowers in this pic from a stall at Decorex are dying, but wonderful idea to add mini-vases along the base of the mirror frame
My gran sent me this pic of an arrangement she made from flowers she found in her gardens. So cute! Love her to bits... :)
That's all from me after a wonderful weekend of friends, me-time and a killer party last night;) Big week ahead - plan to 100% finish the apartment: all unpacking to be finished, all furniture in place, etc, etc, etc. Wish me luck!!!

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